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That same ol’ catchphrase is still ringing in the ears of Americans everywhere: that of the “job creators.” In these hard times of high unemployment, it’s all about these mysterious job creators, whom we’re desperately awaiting to save us all. From my understanding, these supposed job creators are corporations owning a certain level of wealth. [...]

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Republican Senator says that the poor don’t do enough to deal with the deficit.

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A group of 81 major corporations believe that public knowledge of what their CEOs make in respect to the average worker is “useless” information.

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Apparently, Google can fill the holes left in the federal budget after the GOP guts it. Also, criticizing people who have a net worth of millions is “class warfare.” Thanks for the advice, Tim!

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The Republican Study Committee released a breakdown of spending reductions and cuts, which they argue can save $2.5 trillion over the next ten years. Nearly all of the cuts come from the “discretionary spending” portion of the budget, which makes up just 16% of the total federal budget. The Republican plan is to simply push [...]

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Our new Republican House made demolishing the Obama healthcare bill their top priority during their campaign and will fight their hardest to make that demolition a reality now that they hold office. We all know the reasons: tea partiers want the government out of their Medicaid, seasoned republicans know they just need to trumpet their [...]

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In December, I asked if Peter King might consider investigating prominent U.S. citizens who were involved with groups designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations by the State Department in his quest to get to the bottom of the “radicalization” of America’s Muslim community. It turns out the New York Representative wouldn’t need to look very far to [...]

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Thanks to the President’s appearance on Mythbuster’s, Slate’s Daniel Sarewitz looked into a year and a half old survey from the Pew Research Center on the public’s perceptions of science and scientists and social perceptions of the science community. The survey spends a few pages dissecting the general politics of scientists and finds (SHOCKING… wait [...]

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Now that Republicans took the House from the Democrats, expect to hear about freedom’s march to Washington from now until 2012, when our Kenyan Commandant in Chief is outsted by an electorate wrapped in flags wearing tri corner hats. If Republicans are right, that the mid-term elections are indeed a “mandate” on the secret socialist [...]

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On another blog site I spend time on, I found a post that does a good job of illustrating one of the major problems in American politics. The author asks why “the left” is “so stupid.” According to the post, the left is shooting itself in the foot by “bashing” President Obama and not simply [...]