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Source: We Are The 99 Percent Ever since the Occupy Wall Street movement began, one of the ways members have told their stories is through simple photos of themselves holding writings of their life experiences and what makes them part of the “99 percent” of Americans who have been ignored, mistreated, and misrepresented by their [...]

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I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few weeks covering the Occupy Chicago movement, which stands in solidarity with Occupy movements all over the world. I’ve got plenty more pieces coming on it, but for now, here are a handful of photos from the last few days.

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Once again, the military industrial complex is howling about money, with its most fervent supporters knowing that the U.S. government is completely broke, but believing budget cuts have to come from somewhere that isn’t the DOD. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Wednesday that another round of cuts aside from the $350 billion called for [...]

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Is mainstream media fair to populist progressive movements?

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Occupy Chicago enters its second week on the streets

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I dropped in on the Occupy Chicago demonstrators on Tuesday to check on their morale after spending mostof my Saturday with them last weekend. As the occupation of Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park begins to enter its third week, the small but spirited occupation of the corner of Jackson and LaSalle, mere feet in front of the [...]

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While major media may treat the Occupy Wall Street movement tepidly, if paying attention at all, a different feeling hangs in the air in America. In homes and workplaces across the nation, transmitted via technology and through the hearts, minds and voices of the dispossessed – onto the plazas, town squares and streets – thousands [...]

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On Friday, thousands in Chicago will stand in the streets. Some will shout, hold banners and placards, beat drums, and put their bodies on the line to fight for a better world. All will raise their voices in unison, with cries that will carry through the glass castles of commerce, over the spires of industry, [...]

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It might be odd to say and seemingly unconnected, but when I consider what’s happening on Wall Street, or the halls of government, or the streets of any number of cities across the world, I can’t help but think back to our missions to the moon in the 60’s. We had a clear goal, a [...]

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In the name of “protecting our prosperity,” right wing politicians mortgage our future on wasteful defense projects.

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Bank of America announced it would send 30,000 more people to the unemployment line in a massive layoff in the hopes of cutting costs. The majority of people cut would be those working in data centers and deposit systems, according to reports from Bloomberg. The layoffs are part of a plan by CEO Brian T. [...]

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I accidentally decided to take slightly more than a month of from posting here. Plenty of things happened I would have liked to have written about, but for a little while, everything became overwhelming. Summertime is the perfect time to take a few weeks off to reflect and center oneself, get a grip, have some [...]